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Fubiq values your efforts and time in day to day life. To make life more easy, Fubiq provides unmatched fintech experience with simple products and easy access.


Fubiq values your efforts and time in day to day life. To make life more easy, Fubiq provides unmatched fintech experience with simple products and easy access.


Saving Accounts

With Fubiq Savings account you are now on your way to simplifying your fintech and getting various benefits that the accounts offers. Open your Savings Account today!

Current Account

With Fubiq Current account you are now on your way to growing your business faster through our simplified fintech and the various benefits that this account offers. Open your Current Account today!


Carry money without carrying currency
The best-in-class Debit card to access your account 24x7 through any domestic ATM in India.

Key features

  • Accessible at over 2 lakh ATMs and over 15 lakh point of sale (POS) terminals in India
  • Daily ATM withdrawal limit of Rs 10,000
  • Daily point of sale (POS) transaction limit of Rs 25,000


UPI stands for Unified Payments Interface (UPI) which is platform provided by NPCI to facilitate inter-operability amongst various banks. It’s a one stop solution for multiple bank accounts, one app. It allows all account holders to send and receive money using their smartphones with a single identifier – virtual payments address (VPA)/ UPI ID – without entering any bank account information. Therefore, customers do not need to know the payee's or payer’s IFS Code, bank account details, etc. and this makes the process simpler.

Use our UPI services in simple steps :
  • Register your VPA account with us. Eg. Yourname@FubiqBank
  • Go to our platform, click on “Send Money”.
  • Fill out the details on the screen such as beneficiary VPA or Account Details, amount and remarks. If you have multiple accounts/virtual payment addresses, your default VPA will be selected for debit. Click on Proceed.
  • Please review the next screen carefully to ensure you have filled all details correctly.
BC Lending

Fubiq helps facilitate your funding requirements so you can focus on and achieve your aspirations. We offer some of the best third party loans in India, at attractive interest rates and with flexible pay back options. From working women groups to small and medium business owners, we help you to make your dream come true!

Fubiq helps facilitate your monetary requirement by arranging loans from other financial Institutes, as a third party. These are short-term loans for small amounts ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000.

Fubiq offers a unique proposition to clients through its ability to mobilize funds via a secure lending mechanism. This unique differentiation comes from its processes that leverage upon technology that significantly cuts down costs and manual errors and at the same time reduces the requirement for physical documents. Fubiq’s technology effectively works in varied environments to capture information and acquire customers at the convenience of their doorstep.

Key features
  • Loan amounts ranging from Rs 10000 to Rs 50000
  • Interest rates charged start from 22 per cent
  • Tenure of loans: 1 year, 1.5 years, and 2 years
  • Fortnightly repayment frequency

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