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With our unique HR management module, you pick what you need and leave behind anything you don't. Our individual modules are designed to solve your biggest HR problem - or all of your problems. Start with what you need now and add as you go..

Features of Fubiq HR

Personal Information Management

Manage data of all your employees, no matter where you are located in the world. It gathers all information of all employees

Attendance Management

Track the time utilization, overtime pay rules for projects and their work efficiency through our flexible module

Leave Management

Create and manage leaves and offs on calendar, also manage hierarchy wise leave approval management

Project management

Create and assign project to employees for any department and track the progress of the project.


Continuous tracking of employees’ performance with advanced metrics such as OKRs to dynamic objectives.


Streamline hiring process including job posting, interview, on boarding and training

System Admin and User control

Control workflows, authorized users and carry out all administration and function with ease.


Manage salary calculation, payment and reconciliation for all your employees.

Document Manager

Manage HR document easily. It minimises manual intervention of documentation.

Training Module

Create and manage all trainings of employees. Also assign attendees, track progress and feedback of the training.

We help our clients to

Think Smarter
Digitize their manual approach towards business management
Hire Better
Well equipped person focus more on crux of the matter
Manage Faster
Simplified engine helps operating faster.

Our Advantage

Employee care made easier

Hassle free on boarding process makes life easy for HR and Employees.

Simplified Payroll and Claims

Manage travel claims or salaries, all in one place, complying organization policy

Better hiring

Get job posting module integrated with your website. Dynamic, Fast and Easy!


Manage your cost on employees on with inbuilt accounting module, helps you manage cash flows.

Our Product Extensions

Experience a Fast, Flexible and Transparent Way

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