We operate India’s largest express parcel transportation network with fully integrated and self-owned pickup, mid-mile and delivery operations that successfully reach 11 households every second across India. Our in-house transport management platform enables our clients to schedule pickups, track orders in real-time, manage returns and replacements with ease. We offer flexibility to clients through delivery time choices and flexible payment options.


On-demand Delivery

Same-day/Next-day Delivery

Time-defined/Slot-based Deliver

Returns Management

Real-time Monitoring and Control

Consignee Address Validation

Fraud Detection

Flexible Payment on Delivery

Partner Benefit

  • Enabling Delivery service for Zero cost
  • Immediate access to all Delivery services (Express shipping, Flash, Freight, Cross-border shipping)
  • Lower manual effort for shipping manifests, automated pickup requests and shipping labels
  • Rate calculator to provide immediate visibility of shipping costs
  • Real-time tracking and action on orders
  • Advanced demand analytics

Fubiq Distribution Business Plan

Take an opportunity to set up your own distribution business in FMCG and FINTECH sector and generate revenue like never before.
You can be reseller/Channel partner of Fubiq and provide hundreds of SKUs in FMCG model and also cater financial services to your customers.
Expand business and earn well. Easy to setup, outstanding support to establish your business.


Low Investment setup

High margin and easy to start

High demand SKUs

Advantage of Fubiq legacy

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