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Since our foundation, we have been #1 banking institution for lots of individual and corporate customers, both in the USA and internationally. We provide our clients with a number of benefits.

  • Save Time & Efforts

    It automates your settlements with ease and auto reconciliations

  • Transparency

    Zero pilferage, Zero Loss Zero pilferage, Zero Loss.

  • Completely Digital

    Cards integrated to the portal gives real time data.

  • Easy Subscription

    Hassle free subscription process

  • ATM Withdrawal

    Provides facility to withdraw cash from the ATM machine

  • Easy Management

    Top up, Change pin, Deactivate – all on one click!

Advantages & Details

We provide all our clients with various advantages that not only satisfy their banking needs but also allow them to get more without overpaying for banking service.

Minimize risk

Minimum cash handling gives benefit to increase transparency.

Promote Innovation

Execute best practices to increase productivity of your business

Auto Reconciliation

All transactions stores at one place giving detailed view on spent.

Statistical Information

Fubiq regularly complies and publish range of monetary statistics which help is improve.

Fubiq regularly complies and publish range of monetary statistics which help is improve.

Below includes position of payment methods prevailing in our industry and how important plastic money play role in India.


Card users are conservative and credit aware


people use cards for online shopping and payments


people usually pay off all their credits


people pay greater amount than their actual due

These facts empowers plastic money industry and support to fact that it a convenient method of payment.

Here’s payment method bifurcation in India


Bank Transfer

Digital Wallet



Statistical Information

Online Registration

Everything starts with free online registration. Only basic data is needed - name, surname, age etc.

Filling Out a Form

After the basic registration, you will need to fill out a form to help us determine your requirements.

Signing an Agreement

This stage concludes the procedure of opening an account at Fubiq to start using your card.

Using Your Card

You can use your card to purchase the products you need or to open a secure deposit with lots of benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is prepaid card?

    It’s a VISA-powered card that customer can use to recharge mobile, send money, shop anywhere, pay bills and much more.

  • How to top up this card?

    Simply go to card management, select card, add money from wallet or payment gateway in east steps.

  • Can I withdraw money by these cards?

    Yes, you can withdraw money using these cards with agreed charges at the time of on boarding.

  • What if my card is lost?

    Contact admin and apply for new card and deactivate old card within seconds.

  • What is the benefit?

    Go cashless and promote digital transactions with full control over your expenses and giving overview of the expenses.

  • Do I have to maintain any minimum balance?

    No, you don’t. Maintain balance as per your needs.

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